Premiere of „Gondoliere Veneziano“ at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

As the opening concert of the Venice-Festival at Elbphilharmonie, Holger premiered his project „Gondoliere Veneziano“ together with the baroque-ensemble Nuovo Aspetto and the sound artists Merzouga.
The Hamburger Abendblatt writes:
„The density of the songs is high, Venice seems to come out here as the birthplace of the hit. Holger Falk, equally sought after as an operasinger and Lied interpreter finds exactly the right tone for this music: with a light sound that unites simplicity and sweetness in his almost tenor timbre.
Like a vocal chameleon, Falk changes color with the surroundings of the music. He sneezes venomously over crusted lacquered monkeys, nasally imitating the vulgar language of the street („Per mi aver Catina“), in which the audience shyly sings along the chorus.
Musically, the program sets its points primarily by clever arrangements. The nine-member group Nuovo Aspetto brings together a colorful mix of historical instruments, from the baroque guitar to the transverse flute and harp to the Salterio, a baroque dulcimer.
Meanwhile, the enchanting computer musician Eva Pöpplein – visible part of the duo Merzouga – on the left of the ensemble on stage on a black-coated table, weighs the head in the gentle groove of the pieces and controlled by live electronics not only the Venetian water, but also some loops of vocal lines of the singer in the hall.
This is how contemporary sound technology and old instruments, noise and music, everyday life and art come together: for an entertaining trip with the gondolier Veneziano, which makes you want more. „

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Trailer for the concert programm „Il Gondoliere Veneziano“ with Holger Falk, nuovo aspetto and Merzouga Klangkunst from the live concert at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg 2019.