Liederabend in Lappersdorf


Song recital on September 25, 2022 at the Aurelium Lappersdorf

„Why is the program called „The Woman in Me“? That is the title of a song by Wolfgang Rihm and gives the concert its framework. I have always been interested in the tensions of our human existence. The ambivalent pulsation of life that contradicts the bourgeois demand for classification and pigeonholing.
The composers we have chosen for this program are and were people who dealt with great (apparent) contrasts and disruptions. Schumann, who divided what was torn in him as the wild and formal into „Florestan“ and „Eusebius“, Satie, who created pure, naive music, lived lonely and at the same time was a pianist in the Parisian cabaret „Chat noir“. Poulenc, an avowed Catholic and a self-confessed homosexual already in the 1920s. And Rihm, Germany’s most famous living composer with a soft spot for texts by schizophrenic authors such as Wölfli, Herbeck, Lenz, Nietzsche and Hölderlin.
The spiritual thing about art is: here these apparent opposites become one.“

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