Holger Falk interrupts the Corona shutdown on German stages and performs Peter Maxwell Davies „Eight songs for a mad king“ at Bayerische Staatsoper Munich.

Reinhard Brembeck writes in the Süddeutsche Zeitung: „Falk certainly sings the standard repertoire – Papageno, Monteverdi’s Orfeo, Eisenstein, Rossini’s Figaro, Pelleas and Wozzeck. He also sings modern classics such as Henze’s Homburg Prince, Trojan’s Enrico, Bernd A. Zimmermann’s Stolzius and many premieres. But what expands the portrait of this exceptional artist to the unusual is that he also has a penchant for experimental works which, without his holding back, use the voice in roller- coaster-like acrobatics, and were created for such legendary extreme singers like Spyros Sakkas or Roy Hart.“
And „Abendzeitung München“ writes: “This staged song-cycle offers the singer maximum opportunity for expression. Holger Falk memorably fills the giant range of the role with his yearning, projecting baritone from the relatively normally sung passages to the ugly, snarling bass register, to confused laughter and cackling, to the remarkably beautiful falsetto. At the high point of this bone-crusher, he imagines himself in a glittery show world and ticks along to the distorted vaudeville music in a haunted house until he rips the instrument from the violinist and smashes it on the ground.”