Holger Falk and Steffen Schleiermacher release Hanns Eisler/A collection of songs vol. 4 : Songs 1917-1927. The award winning Hanns Eisler Edition is complete.

Hanns Eisler has left more than 500 songs, and it comes without a saying: piano songs are also among his earliest compositions. On the fourth and last episode of their selection of Eisler’s songs, Holger Falk and Steffen Schleiermacher dedicate themselves to these early works and discover that as an autodidact, the young Hanns possessed already a sensitive feeling for the singing voice. This collection of early songs includes also Eislers time as a student of Arnold Schoenberg with subtle dodecaphonic compositions as well as the phase after breaking up with Schoenbergs tradition, composing the famous „Zeitungsausschnitte“, a collection of adds he found in newspapers set into music.