Amopera at Festspielhaus Erl

On 5 November at 6 pm, the world premiere of the meta-opera „AMOPERA“ took place at the Festspielhaus Erl Tirol. „AMOPERA“ stands for the relationships, contrasts, hopelessness and ecstasies with which the glowing yet inhospitable terrain of love is traversed. From the last scene from „Lulu“ by Alban Berg to „Kassandra“ by Iannis Xenakis and „Ach ich fühl’s“ by Bernhard Lang to „A respirar ritorno“ from Luci mie traditrici by Salvatore Sciarrino, this arc of scenes from operas of the last 100 years is spanned.
Inspired by the book „Liebesverrat“ (Betrayal of Love) by Peter von Matt, who thereby creates a literary history from the perspective of disloyalty, deception and disappointment, the Klangforum Wien under the direction of Bas Wiegers, together with the Brussels NEEDCOMPANY, as well as the soprano Sarah Maria Sun and the baritone Holger Falk, develop with the meta-opera a time journey through the new in music and opera – thematically set anew in each case. Using the technique of montage, editing and condensation, we interweave individual moments from a wide variety of operas and decades and bring them to new effect in the form of an 80 to 90-minute META-OPER. This format lives above all from the music, a sparse lighting concept and a stringent narrative.